About twenty-eight years ago (in 1989), Sangeetha Music Academy was born as a realization of Shri. Pandalam Suresh Babu’s dream to hand over the rich heritage of Indian and Global music to the younger generations. Apart from delivering academic knowledge, the brightest talents are also nurtured through frequent appearances in concerts organized by Sangeetha Orchestra.

Sangeetha Music Academy is affiliated to the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, never compromising the quality guidelines prescribed by the latter. The Academy offers specialized courses including coaching for Grade Examinations of Trinity College London. Ask for Admission. On-demand Intensive courses, both Theory and Practical, are held at the convenience of the students on working days.


Sangeetha Orchestra, since its inception in 1989, has been delivering captivating live performances to music enthusiasts all over Kerala. The orchestra has ensured to adapt to the latest trends both in the technical and the artistic aesthetics of music. The Fusion wing of the Orchestra has proven to be proficient in adapting to the varied needs of the audience, and has won acclaim many a time.