Shri. Pandalam Suresh Babu

Shri. Pandalam Suresh Babu is a professional performer and teacher with frequent appearance in concerts, cultural programmes, and music functions across Kerala. He holds a Fifth Grade from the Trinity College London. He won acclaim for playing more than fifteen instruments in a single stage, in 2016 at Navaratri Music Fest, Pandalam

Shri. Ramachandra bhagavatar

Shri. Ramachandra Bhagavatar is a senior professional performer and theoretician with 70 years of experience in music teaching. He has students across Kerala, many of whom are renowned musicians. Bhagavatar is a mentor and patron to Sangeetha Music Academy.

Shri. Mahadevan Trivandrum

Shri. Mahadevan Thiruvananthapuram is a versatile professional drummer and Kazoo player. He has been teaching for above a decade, and has been a regular performer in music programs across India. Shir. Mahadevan is the director of Sangeetha Music Academy, and teaches drums and rhythm pad at Sangeetha Music Academy.

Shri. Unnikrishnan Kandallur

Shri. Unnikrishnan Kandalloor is a professional Chenda performer. He joined Sangeetha Music Academy in 2017 as the Chenda teacher. His teaching knows no boundaries; he has to his credit students from several countries and of varied interests.

Shri. Babu Pandalam

Shri. Pandalam Babu is a Hindustani Tabla teacher and performer, who has to his credit a number of students across Kerala. He is part of the academy and the Sangeetha orchestra.

Shri. Narayanan Kutty Adoor

Shri. Narayanan Kutty Adoor is a professional Mridangam player. He is an A Grade artist at AIR (All India Radio) with four decades of experience in professional performance and music teaching. He teaches Mridangam at Sangeetha Music Academy.